• ThomasNet? – CNC Machining

    Metal Stamping…..more

  • Welding Table

    Explore the website to see all that is on offer. Use the many help features to find the product you are looking for then find a local distributor or link to shop on line……more

  • Gas Detection Monitors

    Installing the correct gas detection system for your needs will save your company time and money. Our years of experience and extensive know-how give us an advantage in designing the best custom system for any industry’s requirements. With top of the line products offering a range of advantages, we will carefully consider your needs and recommend the most suitable gas detection system……more

  • Insulation Suppliers

    Thermal and acoustic insulation is a very specialised area. Our technical competence comes from the collective industry experience of more than 100 years of the five key operatives at AIS. This, combined with our close cooperation with the Rockwool Group make us well qualified to assist with your project……more

  • Polypropylene Plastic

    The location of the manufacturing plant in Dandenong equates to shorter shipping time to the Asia Pacific and a quicker response to orders than most European and U.S. suppliers, especially in masterbatches. It is due to this can-do philosophy that PolyPacific has been able to effectively enter into the South Asian market by opening a manufacturing plant in Malaysia servicing Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia……more

  • Aluminium Coating

    Micronisers Pty Ltd founded in 1987 is one of very few nanotechnology companies globally successfully commercialising nanotechnology products. Specialising in advanced micro and nano milling Micronisers has a number of proprietary chemical processes and patents to produce products at the molecular level……more

  • Cutting Guides

    Tanjant uses precision CNC machines to build the best guides for gas and plasma torch cutting. Use of quality materials including brass and stainless steel ensures durability in any operating environment……more

  • Overhead Gantry Cranes

    Modular gantry cranes are produced with or without a cantilever. Our cantilevers can provide the necessary support to carry materials loaded at the extreme end of the crane girder and along the runway length depending on your requirements……more

  • Spiral Wound

    Since its beginnings the company has grown steadily to its current size of two factories which manufacture parts which exceed the ISO 9002 standard, including spiral wounds, automotive gaskets, rubber gasket seals, rubber moulding, packing gaskets and more. Our factories produce some of the highest quality and reliable parts on the Australian market today……more