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    Decon Conveyers are your conveyer experts. Providing top-quality products such as belt systems, chain and belt conveyors, material handling equipment, conveyor idlers and conveyor rollers.

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    About Decon Conveyors At Decon Conveyors, our specialty is the custom design and manufacture of belt, powered roller, and chain conveyor systems. As a conveyor belts manufacturer, we are capable of designing and manufacturing material handling systems for any industry. Decon has designed conveyor systems for many large-scale operations, including

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    Decon Conveyors Guarantees Quality Conveyors and Quality Service At Decon, we design all conveyors from scratch by using the latest 3D computer assisted IRON CAD software. This enables us to create custom material handling systems for all of our customers. It also allows us to tailor our solutions for every

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    Projects and Custom Material Handling Solutions At Decon, we understand that material handling systems are used in a wide variety of environments, including mines, factories, warehouses, retail stores, bakeries, food processing facilities, and even hotels. We have designed belt, powered roller and chain conveyors systems to move materials and finished

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